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The student housing market in Lincoln has changed dramatically in recent years and has become very competitive, and the expectations of students have never been higher. Good quality accommodation close to campus and let by responsible landlords is more sought after than ever by students at the University of Lincoln.

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With ULSU Housing Accreditation you’ll have unrivalled access to over 20,000 students and a unique opportunity to market your property directly to students through an organisation they trust. Any profits we make are reinvested into the services we provide for students, so we will always work harder to make sure you and your tenants are happy.
We carry out significant research into student housing each year, making sure we’re always up to date on student needs
We offer a transparent fees structure, with a service that is honest, friendly, and accessible to all
We provide a service which is supported by the latest software to make the process as easy as possible
We are flexible and our service can be altered to your requirements with all fees agreed up front, so you know exactly what to expect
In person

As we are situated at the heart of the University Campus, we can offer a service not found anywhere else in Lincoln. We regularly review feedback to improve our value to both customers and landlords.

Unrivalled exposure

Your property will reach the student market in Lincoln like never before. Our new website has been designed with easy navigation in mind, and as we’re run by the Students’ Union, we have direct access to over 20,000 students daily.

Social media

Our advertising packages are specially tailored to elevate your presence within our thriving community of over 20,000 actively engaged students on campus. Your property must have successfully been approved to join the University of Lincoln Students’ Union Accreditation Scheme for you to access our Advertisement Packages.Please see here for advertisement packages

The customer journey

Every step of your tenant’s journey is important, from first contact in person, website or email, to the day they hand in their keys at the close of a tenancy agreement.

Raising standards

All accommodation is accredited by Lincoln Students’ Union Accreditation Scheme. The accreditation scheme was established to ensure high standards of accommodation for students in Lincoln, and to help raise the standards of city. You can find out more information about the scheme, and how to join, here